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Letron Brantley CEO and Founder of Gospel Skillz

"Tired of Practicing and getting NOWHERE? Learn the secrets to playing contemporary and traditional Gospel that No One will teach you!"

Dear Fellow Gospel Musician,
Released: Friday 7:15AM

Ok I know you are at a point where you are bout to explode! You have been practicing and practicing to get better, but it seems like all your hard work is not paying off. You are frustrated and you feel like quitting because of it. As continue to see so many musicians that are able to understand and play the things you want to play, you can't understand why it's so difficult for you to understand.

First of all, you have to realize that... You are not alone!

Believe it or not, many musicians ALL OVER THE WORLD feel the same way.  People even go and seek out professional  gospel piano lessons, gospel keyboard lessons, gospel bass lessons, gospel organ lessons, gospel drumming, gospel guitar lessons, and gospel saxophone lessons to learn how to play gospel from a traditional teacher because they can't find anyone RELIABLE enough to teach them... read more -->>

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Learn the Secrets To
BY EAR from the PROS!!

Play Music from Your Favorite Gospel Artists like Byron Cage, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, and Donnie McClurkin

Are you frustrated with your playing? ...Do you feel that you are never going to achieve that contemporary sound that many musicians have? If so, YOU'RE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!

We have the solution! ... It's time we let you in on the secret chords and practice techniques most musicians won't share with you. The DVDs we offer were created by musicians who feel that it shouldn't be a chore to get where you want to be. These DVD's take ALL of the mystery out of playing gospel music. You learn simple tips and tricks to help you reach your goals much faster than on your own. With these DVD's you ALWAYS have an instructor that you can have repeat what ever exercise you need to see again.

You will learn ...How to Play By Ear, Music Theory, PHAT Jazz Chords, Playing Behind A Preacher, Shout Music, Right-Hand Licks, Runs, Classical Licks, As well as technique on Bass, Guitar, Drums, Organ, Studio Recording and MUCH MORE!!

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